Tencel Whisper Knit Flood Pant


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The Tencel Whisper Knit Flood Pant is classic, sophisticated and supremely comfortable. Evenly gathered around the elastic waistband, the flood pant feels secure but never restrictive. The legs flare evenly from the waist to mid calf, giving the appearance of movement and flow, accentuated by the properties of our Whisper fabric. The Whisper fabric (made with eco friendly Tencel) makes these ¾ length pants simple to care for, with a flowing drape that constantly vary the long soft lines created by the cut of our Flood Pant. Pair this versatile piece with a blouse and jacket or duster for a business casual look or enjoy the relaxing fit with a tank while you stroll along the beach.

Note: Actual colors may vary slighty due to your screen.