Our Story

Beauty is a Lifestyle

Tianello is a women’s apparel company, based in Los, Angeles, California. Founded by Steve Barraza in 1992,
Steve Barraza started his apparel career January of 1983 in Los Angeles with the launch of L.A.gear shoe and apparel brand. Steve named the company and was responsible for creating and marketing the apparel division of L.A.Gear until 1985. Steve also created the largest store on Melrose Avenue, 6000 square feet of trendy apparel and L,A,Gear products in the spring of 1983. in 1985, Steve launched his 2nd brand "Girl,Girls" with continued success. Steve created his 3rd apparel brand, Tianello in 1992. Tianello has since become a staple in the fashion industry in Los Angeles. What makes Tianello stand out above the rest is the unique style an d the high quality of the materials. All the clothing at Tianello has been hand crafted by local artisans with specialty fabrics spanning over 31 years. Over 100 hands carefully handle each piece of apparel before it reaches the market, ensuring that every item of clothing is of the highest quality and ready to be worn.

Tianello is well known in the community for it’s quality garment dying. The passionate team at Tianello use a reactive dye, so the color will never fade and will remain distinctive and vibrant. Tianello is more than just a clothing brand; it is an ideology and a lifestyle. The clothes have been designed to empower and reinvigorate women, by providing stunning hand crafted clothes to accentuate every woman’s natural beauty.

Our Process


There’s definitely a creative process on what it takes to bring beautiful Tianello clothing to the retail arena. There are so many moving parts involved, but the emphasis (and passion) is always focused on quality, function and comfort to produce clothing that can be worn every day and almost everywhere.