How do I care for my garment?

All of our fabrics are easy to care for.....

We use Tencel, Silk, Linen, and Cotton on our garments.

All garments are "Garment Dyed" which means we tailor the garment first and then we garment dye to add color.  During this process the garment shrinks to our desired fit specification. This means the garment is preshrunk so you will never have to dry clean any Tianello garment unless you prefer to dry clean.

We recommend that you Machine Wash Warm with soap and softener, then tumble dry at medium temperature.

On Tianello woven garments (Silk, Tencel, Cotton, Linen) you can do a light press or steam to remove wrinkles and relax the fabrics to their original fit.

On Tianello knit garments the fit is out of the dryer and NO press or steam required.

 Enjoy your Tianello garment!

How do I request a catalog?

So sorry, but we do not print catalogs. You can do a quick review of our line by going to our site www.tianello.com, and you can view all of our online products by clicking on the various categories shown on the home page.

How do I purchase a gift certificate?

Click on this link and you will be able to purchase a gift card.  https://www.tianello.com/products/gift-card