Indio Washable Silk Scarf


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Tianello's woven 100% Washable Silk Scarves are  Garment Dyed  or  Pre-Washed and are Pre-Shrunk for soft touch and EASY care.This signature style is a beautiful enhancement  to your wardrobe what ever fabrics you choose to wear our scarves with!

  • Marrow Edge Stitching
  • Measurements: Width+9.5"  Length=72"


FABRIC CONTENTS: 100% Silk 12MM Crêpe de Chine 

Silk has been renowned for centuries as a valuable and luxurious commodity, often associated with wealth and status. The strongest of natural fibers, silk retains its shape, drapes well, caresses the figure, and because of its high absorbency, it is easily garment dyed in a variety of deep colors. This 100% Washable Silk Crêpe de Chine is woven to have a supple, organic feel, unlike many fabrics woven with synthetic fibers. With a 12 mommes weight factor, our Eco-friendly silk of choice is lightweight but is suitable for sewing into many body styles designed for women's silk clothing. 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash warm with like colors, and with mild detergent (do not use bleach). Tumble dry Medium, or line dry. Warm iron (silk setting). Dry Clean OK.