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Byzantine Washable Silk Ceravé Kaftan


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Beautiful silk tops add a blush of luxury to any well planed wardrobe. Consider then our woven Byzantine Ceravé Kaftan, which was designed using natural fibered, eco-friendly Washable Silk Crêpe de Chine chosen for softness and minimal care. This chic silhouette is reminiscent of the iconic kaftans and robes of yesteryear known for their fashion flair and unparalleled comfort. Our version here features a colorful “Byzantine geometric motif” print to help enhance your personal style.

Our pullover Ceravé Kaftan displays an airy quality of refinement afforded by a soft, generous drape that transitions with body movement. This is a loose fitting “Western kaftan” body style where the squared bottom hem falls to the hips, and the back side is fashionably lower than the front. The natural shoulder fit is complemented by an elegant round neckline that merges into a reinforced “split front” V-neck. Twin inset seams to the sides of the torso create generous arm openings, making the bottom hem corners cascade down to points well below the hips. Subtle, single needle stitching throughout the kaftan captures the sophistication that well dressed women desire. Garment dyed richness also adds distinctive character to this versatile piece that pairs well with pants, leggings, or your favorite designer jeans.

This Tianello garment was designed, developed and proudly Made In The USA