Will Washable Silk Clothing Help Me Sleep Better?

If you're a millennial and have spent the last year scrolling through Instagram, you've most likely been targeted by washable silk clothing everywhere. Many people may be wondering, "What exactly is washable silk?" It is a lightweight natural fiber-woven fabric that is as fine, cool, and silky smooth as traditional silk — but much easier to clean and care for. It is extremely simple to care for and can be machine washed. You can say goodbye to spending a lot of money on dry-cleaning now and then.

Here are some of the ways through which washable silk can prove to be a better sleep buddy than any other material:

Washable Silk Clothing
  • Naturally Breathable Fabric

Aside from being simple to care for, unlike traditional silk, it is a naturally breathable fabric that can help regulate your body temperature (making it ideal for hot weather or if you have night sweats). Comfort is the most important aspect of a good night's sleep, and a washable silk robe delivers on that front!

  • Usability

Unlike an oversized tee with avocado stains, sleeping in silk has an inherently exceptional quality. The silk has a brushed sheen to it, and the material is generally cool to the touch. But the best part about washable silk clothing is that you can sleep carefree without worrying about getting stains on the clothing and the horror of having to send it to dry clean every time you need to wash it.

This is a complete game-changer as you get to experience quality and comfort similar to silk while also machine washing it whenever you please, it's a real win-win situation for all!

  • Versatility

Wouldn't it seem magical if I tell you that you can use the same washable silk dress to either stay in for your work from home hours or go out feeling equally fabulous in it? The best part about having a washable silk dress is that you can wear it to formal occasions and casual ones. Because of the quality and texture of the fabric, washable silk provides a similar look like that of traditional silk. However, without the constant tension of needing to dry clean it, you are liberated to wear it in whichever way you please.

Washable Silk

The sheen of the fabric lets you wear your washable nightwear dresses outside with the same confidence! On the other hand, a quality washable dress for wearing outside can be worn for work or video chat moments because it is so simple to wash and wear it again whenever you want simply! If knowing that doesn't help one sleep better at night, what will? 

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