What You Need To Know About Tencel Fabric?

Tencel is a fabric that is as cool as linen, as warm as wool and as absorbent as cotton. It has a similar feel to its cousin Rayon but it can be a lot easier to care for, resists wrinkling and is quick to dry.

Comfort and luxury are words that sum up this eco-friendly fabric quite nicely. Soft, breathable and lightweight Tencel seems to have a natural cooling temperature control. It is durable and very easy to care for, seldom will you need to dry clean a garment made from Tencel fabric. The fibers that make up this great fabric take dye very well, producing rich colors that conform to high quality standards.

One of the best benefits of Tencel is the fact that it is a natural fiber and biodegradable. Tencel is made of cellulose that comes from wood pulp. The wood pulp is harvested from hardwood trees grown on farms especially for this purpose. The trees are a mixture of oak and birch. The wood pulp from these trees is mixed with a non-toxic amine solvent to create a solution called dope.

When processing the dope into fibers the dope is pressed through a spinneret, that contains many tiny holes, this forms the fiber. These fibers are then washed and 99.6% of the solvents used in the processing are retrieved and recycled instead of being released back into the environment. This process uses a lot less water and energy than processes used for other man made fibers, making it quite eco-friendly.

Tencel clothing can be found in many quality stores on the web. Tianello.com caters to all kinds of Tencel apparel, as well as the plus-size.

Tencel is a fabric that is comfortable and makes you feel good when you wear it. It is easy to care for and is one of those great finds, like your favorite pair of jeans, it gets more comfortable with every washing. You are sure to fall in love with Tencel.