We Love TENCEL at Tianello. Here's Why?

One of our top priorities at Tianello is finding beautiful, wearable fabrics that are also low-impact. Ideally, these fabrics are also easy to care for. Lyocell, commonly known as its brand name, Tencel, meets all of these requirements. It has proven to be one of our go-to materials for its supple texture, attractively lustrous appearance and sustainable production. Tencel is prominently featured in our leisurewear collection, as many of these designs required a supremely comfortable fabric.

How is Tencel made?

Originally created in the 1970s but garnering international attention in the early 2000s, Tencel is created by spinning wood pulp — often sourced from responsibly managed or farmed forests — into cellulosic fibers. The silky fibers can then be either used alone or woven with other materials. There are several aspects of Tencel that make it a particularly sustainable fabric:

  •    Tencel’s production process results in virtually no waste.
  •    Manufacturers utilize non-toxic solvents, unlike many other fabrics that require harsh chemicals and intense bleaching processes.
  •    It’s created in a “closed-loop” system which means that any water or solvents used may be captured and reused.
  •    Tencel is entirely biodegradable.

Sought for its superior usability, high resource efficiency and low environmental impact, Tencel was awarded the internationally recognized EU Ecolabel, an honor only awarded to products and services independently assessed for compliance with strict ecological criteria. In addition, Tencel is a USDA-certified organic product, receiving the BioPreferred® designation.

What else makes Tencel special?

Beyond its low impact on the environment, Tencel is enjoyable to wear. With a texture often compared to silk, this material does not harbor bacteria, repels moisture and is breathable — ensuring the wearer is comfortable in any conditions.

In addition, Tencel is almost unbelievably easy to care for as well — it’s wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable and impressively durable. With proper care, Tencel garments can remain in excellent condition for years.

Want to experience Tencel for yourself? Tianello's tencel clothing includes Pants, Shirts, Skirts and more. We are excited to continue utilizing innovative, eco-friendly Tencel for future collections.