Tips and Tricks for Retaining Silk Apparels Safe for a Bit Longer!!!

Silk is a worthwhile investment. It's a fabric that should be purchased with the intention of having a long-term connection. Choosing timeless styles and avoiding fads will help you keep your investment pieces relevant for more than a season.

How you store, wear, and wash your washable silk clothing also has an impact on how long it lasts. As a result, when we talk about care for your silk, we're talking about a 360-degree approach.

Silk has long been a status symbol associated with elegance, taste, and style, but when washed or handled wrongly, this costly fabric may be damaged in an instant. 

Knowing how to properly care for washable silk clothing will help you extend the life of your favorite pieces and keep them looking great all year. Let’s start learning-

washable silk clothing

What to Consider???

Let's speak about how to care for washable silk clothing and how to store it. The silk products, in general, could not be washed in a normal manner. However, if it is absolutely necessary, please see the information below-


Your washable silk tops should be cleaned as soon as possible after usage if the stain cannot be removed. If you don't wash it for a long time, the sweat will congeal into a yellow stain that you won't be able to remove.


Neither soap nor alkaline detergent should be used. Otherwise, white splotches will appear on your nice garments.


Excessive scrubbing should be avoided. Alternatively, the washable silk clothing would be damaged.


The temperature should be between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius. The silk would be destroyed and melted if the temperature was too high.


Avoid drying in direct sunlight; instead, hang inside out in a well-ventilated area. Or they'd fade away.


To maintain the original hue, white washable silk clothing should be wrapped with one blue paper.


When you take your washable silk clothing to the cleaners, make sure to point out any stains, advises Whitehurst. 

Let them know about any home remedies you've tried, as this may have an impact on the outcome. Give them a heads up if you've ever had a problem with colorfastness.

Lastly, How to Store Silk Garments?

Hang your washable silk clothing on fuzzy hangers in your closet for everyday storage to keep them from slipping. Hang pants across the legs with a wide bar or a clip hanger on the bottom hem. Remember that moths adore natural fibers like silk and wool, so always clean your items before storing them for the season.

In a nutshell, washable silk clothing should be handled with care. Please let Tianello know if you have any other suggestions. Let's put silk away together!