Things to Know before you Purchase Washable-Silk Clothing

As we move forward, leaving fast fashion in the past and focusing on sustainability, the addition of washable silk is exciting in every way! Washable silk's fashion and (or) functional goals are to provide the consumer with a more casual look that is easier to care for. The fact that washable silk does not require dry cleaning has contributed excellently to its popularity.

Unlike traditional silk, you can just machine wash it without any regrets, and it will still look fabulous and drape in all the right places as a silk garment does! How cool is that! A washable silk tanks and garment does not necessitate the same level of crispness and detail as a dry cleanable silk garment.

Washable-Silk Clothing

Washable silks are frequently dyed after the garment is finished rather than during the yard goods stage. Because the dye is built upon the fabric's surface, this method aims to achieve a brighter or deeper color. Here are some reasons why the addition of washable silk clothing can positively change your wardrobe:

* Buy Better Buy Less

The addition of washable silk tops to your wardrobe will go entirely up to your fashion game. Of course, the idea of machine-washable silk is in itself enthralling, but to be able to wear a nightwear washable silk top as a part of your going-out ensemble screams sustainability in all the right ways. Washable silk top or even washable silk tanks can be worn either for a casual work from home today, or for the days you decide to go out. Either way, it will make you look fabulous!

* Save Money and Time

Traditional silk clothing will require you to frequently visit the dry cleaner taking a lot of your time. You will then be handed the bills, too, for every time you wear your traditional silk, it will have to be taken care of in the right way. It certainly costs a lot of money. However, washable silk garments give you an almost similar drape and look without taking your time and money. You can just easily machine wash it, and you’ll be good to go! It also does not wrinkle as much as you might think. This brings us one step closer to making fashion more accessible and sustainable!

* Be a Trendsetter for All the Right Reasons

The entire social media has been taken over by the trend of washable silk at the moment. This is your chance to shine on social media platforms with your washable silk goodness from Tianello. You will be advocating towards sustainability while also looking gorgeous at the same time. How cool is that?

A washable silk tank can be paired with various elements that make you look charming at all times. Feel like wearing it the next day too? It’s easy; just machine wash it and wear it again tomorrow.

Washable-Silk Clothing

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