The Tianello TENCEL™ "Boyfriend" Shirt

Our Super soft TENCEL™ boyfriend shirt has become a staple for many, many women.  In 1995 Steve Barraza made a TENCEL™ Men's Shirt for his 5 brothers for Christmas.  Soon after at the Los Angeles Women's Fashion Show, Steve put the shirt on display in his showroom in the California Apparel Mart. When women's boutique buyers arrived to the showroom to place spring/summer orders they immediately wanted to buy the Tencel Men's Shirt for their boutiques.  Steve explained that the shirt was a men's shirt and was oversized and the buttons were on the men's side.  The shirt tail and the sleeves were also long. The better women's boutiques who bought the shirt said they did not care about the TENCEL™ Men's Shirt being a men's fit as they said they would call it a "Boyfriend" shirt.  They also noted that Martha Stewart wore a "Boyfriend" shirt when she cooked on her TV show. Pleased by the warm reception and many orders, Steve went into production on the TENCEL™ Boyfriend Shirt  in his Los Angeles sewing factory immediately. Steve used his specially prepared pre-enzymed, Super Soft  TENCEL™ on the shirt.  He also "Garment Dyed" his shirts to add the colors to the shirt after the shirt was produced. This procedure preshrunk and softened the shirts so they could always be machine washed and tumble dried without fear of changing the fit. Soon after he made his first delivery to the boutiques, the reorders started pouring in.  The Tianello TENCEL™ Boyfriend  was a major hit with women of all sizes.

For many years the Super Soft Tianello TENCEL™ Boyfriend Shirt has been a women's best friend. Since the 1996 January Apparel show Steve has produced and sold more than 400,000 of these shirts.  Now men have also started buying the same shirt which for men is called the TENCEL™ MEN'S Shirt.... nicknamed the "BEST DAMN Shirt" on the website.