Tencel Clothing: How to Care for This Long-Lasting & Luxurious Fabric?

Are you familiar with Tencel? Have you ever wondered how to care for this luxurious and long-lasting fabric?

In the world of fabrics, Tencel fabric is popular for its “drape” known to flatter the human body. This newer type of fabric looks refined and luxurious and represents a significant milestone in the creation of environmentally sustainable textiles. Tencel is a humanmade natural fiber and is used as the trade name Lyocell, the generic fiber.

What are the Qualities of Tencel?

Here are some of the top qualities of Tencel that make this a great option when it comes to textiles:

  • Rich in Colors

Tencel was originally developed with color in mind due to the high absorbency of the fibers. This fabric can also be dyed to top-of-the-line standards.

  • Comfortable

Tencel feels the same as rayon. The fabric is comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and soft.

  • Easy Maintenance

Tencel clothing is easy to pack, dries fast, and resists wrinkling. Many Tencel garments are also machine washable, but every garment construction might have specific requirements for cleaning.

  • Long-lasting

Tencel is easy to care for, durable, and shrink-resistant. It is a notably strong fiber, both dry and wet.

  • Natural

Tencel is produced using the natural cellulose present in wood pulp. This fiber is cost-effective when it comes to the use of natural resources and energy and is also completely biodegradable.

How Do You Care for Your Tencel Clothing?

Now that you know about the common qualities of Tencel fabrics, it is time to learn how to care for them properly so you can take advantage of them and enjoy using them for as long as possible.

  • You need to handwash this delicate fabric using a gentle detergent and cold water. Drip dry the clothing. It is important to know that Tencel tends to shrink for up to 3% after the initial washing. However, you don’t need to worry because it will be able to resist shrinking after that.
  • You can find some Tencel garments with a dry clean only label. It is often because of the rest of the fabrics used in the garment as structuring elements or finishing details such as the linings. For instance, the lining might shrink much more than the Tencel fabric itself. This can lead to puckering when washed in water. This is why it is a must that you are familiar with the garment’s washing requirements before you buy it.
  • Stick to using a warm iron only if you ever need or want to touch up your Tencel clothing. Excessive amounts of direct heat might end up scorching the fabric.
  • Using the gentle cycle when machine washing is suitable for most garments, including Tencel clothing. Just make sure that you refer to the care label of the garment. It is also preferable to drip dry instead of machine drying your Tencel clothing. When line-dried, you can quickly toss the fabric with a damp towel in the dryer to soften it.

Use these tips and guidelines to care for your Tencel clothing today!