Tencel - An Innovation in Eco-Friendly Apparel Manufacturing

What is Tencel?                     

Tencel is a completely man made, eco-friendly, biodegradable, cellulosic manufactured fiber, which is extracted from wood pulp.

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Also known as botanic fiber –Tencel is spun using a solvent known as amine oxide which dissolves wood pulp when heated. The solution obtained from this reaction then undergoes a process through which the solvent is removed from the fiber. Further, Tencel then takes it true form when this solution is washed and dried.


Properties of Tencel

Here are some standout properties and qualities of Tencel which have been acknowledged worldwide as revolutionary in the world of fiber production:

  • Tencel production requires minimum use of water and energy and has hardly any major impact on the environment
  • 99% of the toxic solvent used in the production process is recovered and reused so that minimum environmental damage is caused
  • Tencel does not contain any chlorine; neither are there any toxic emissions from the production houses. It is labeled as a TCF-product
  • Tencel is better than cotton, silk, and linen because of its soft texture and absorbent qualities
  • Tencel has the ability to fibrillate and therefore a variety of finishes in the Tencel fabric can be achieved through controlled fibrillation
  • It does not shrink easily
  • It is 100% biodegradable
  • Tencel fabric is high-luster with a round cross-section
  • It is smooth
  • It is durable and wrinkle free

Tencel is an amalgamation of all the qualities found in silk, wool, polyester, linen, cotton, elastane and nylon. It can be blended with linens and cotton to achieve a more supple texture or mixed with wool to acquire a softer fabric which is flattering for any body type. It provides amazing shape retention to stretchy fabrics also.

Garments made from Tencel include skirts, leggings, shirts, suits, and pants. This organic fabric is highly economical also and thus it is fast spreading as a mainstream clothing material in several countries.


Benefits of Tencel and contribution to the eco-friendly apparel industry

Tencel is the most amazing discovery in the apparel industry because it is highly eco-friendly as explained above. Also, it protects your body in the following ways:

  • Tencel has a high heat capacity since it contains water; thus it has a huge role to play in the temperature regulation of a human body
  • Tencel has a moisture management ability which helps in repelling bacteria 
  • Due to its soft and supple nature, Tencel does not cling to the skin and can keep the skin dry. Therefore, it is an excellent fabric of choice for people with sensitive skin. No other fiber, not even cotton or wool, can provide this amount of ease to the body because Tencel has the best water absorbency potential.


The Tencel fabric has left a significant mark on the apparel industry and created more awareness in terms of using eco-friendly products. Due to its vast range of applications, especially in the clothing sector, it is gaining ground as a mainstream fabric as well.