10 Amazing Benefits of Tencel

So what is Tencel? Tencel is a brand of a type of lyocell fabric, produced by the Austrian company Lenzing. Tencel is trademarked by Lenzing. Lyocell is a natural fabric made from wood pulp (usually from oak or birch trees).

So what’s so special about Tencel? Well, Tencel is made from eucalyptus trees that are sourced from sustainably managed tree farms and natural forests. Eucalyptus trees grow quickly, require little water, no toxic pesticides and grow on land (that’s typically difficult for other crops to grow).

Most importantly, Tencel is made in a closed loop process where non-toxic solvents and water are reused at a rate of more than 99%.

Tencel is an excellent fabric to beat the summer heat. It’s soft and smooth like silk, cool like linen, yet more absorbent than cotton. It’s become quite the popular fabric for sustainable brands – and for good reason!

Naturally Hypo-allergenic – great for sensitive skin

High moisture absorption – means your skin can breathe, especially on a hot, humid day. Tencel actually has 50% better absorption than cotton. It also dries extremely fast which is great for people who sweat a lot.

Anti-bacterial – due to its great moisture management qualities, Tencel is not a great fabric for bacteria growth. This means blocking body odors and keeping your skin feeling cool and dry.

Durable – pretty strong wet or dry. Tencel is actually stronger than cotton and linen.

Soft, smooth & silky – feels like rayon due to its lightweight, comfortable drape.

Longevity - Unlikely to shrink, misshapen or thin out over time.

Machine Washable – cold water, delicate

Compostable and will decompose naturally in soil. At the end of its useful life (which is a long time from now) it can go into your compost bin after removing the trimmings (zippers, buttons, etc.) This doesn’t mean it won’t last long in your wardrobe rotation. 

Eco friendly & Efficient - Made in a closed loop process where non-toxic solvents and water are reused at a rate of more than 99%.

Excellent color retention – no need to worry about faded colors. Dyes are able to penetrate deeply into the fiber structure, resulting in vibrant and long lasting colors.

Flowy drape – this luxurious, lustrous fabric easily flatters with its airy and lightweight features.

Cruelty free alternative to silk – and it’s cheaper than silk. Did you know that it takes about 2500-3000 silkworms to make one shirt? They’re boiled or gassed alive in the process.