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Tianello Bar
Tianello: natural women's clothing made from Tencel, Georgette, Bemberg, Cupro, Cottons, Bamboo and Silk
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Happa Washable Silk Delmi Blouse
Happa Washable Silk Delmi Blouse

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Feminine looks are always in fashion. Consider then, our woven Happa Delmi Blouse, which was designed using natural fibered, eco-friendly, Washable Silk Crêpe de Chine chosen for its’ lightweight elegance, long wearing comfort, and minimal care. Styling details embodied in this top offer a decidedly feminine look to the blouse. The impressionistic “paisley motif” print showcases beautiful artistry, as well as mesmerizing visual appeal. With easy care in mind, the "washable silk” fabric selected for this garment makes it a sensible fashion investment, a benefit that well dressed women truly appreciate.

Our Delmi Blouse features a point collar, cap sleeves, and a button down front which has twin-stitched reinforcement. The round bottom hemline falls below the hips and is finished with a simple turned-under hem. The frame consists of nine vertical panels that are pieced together with subtle single-needle stitching. There are horizontal darts to the sides of the torso that are placed just above the waistline, offering a somewhat tailored look to the silhouette. The side panels on the hips are semi-circular in shape and they drape into stylish thigh-length, flared points which transition with the slightest body movement. Garment dyed richness also adds distinctive character to this versatile top, which pairs easily with pants, leggings and designer jeans. For travel, work or play, this vogue body style makes for a wonderful addition to any fashion-smart wardrobe.

This Tianello garment was designed, developed and proudly Made In The USA.

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen.
  • Pieced blouse body style with subtle stitching throughout
  • Point collar, cap sleeves and reinforced button down front
  • Round bottom hem falls below the hips
  • Horizontal darts to the sides of the torso at the waistline
  • Side panels on the hips drape into vogue flared points

Our dramatic Happa fabric print draws inspiration from the Avant Garde Arts Movement during the beginning of the 20th century, where impressionist artists used intensely vivid, non-naturalistic and exuberant colors. The emotion driven techniques of Chagall, Kandinsky, Schiele, Matisse and Picasso (to name a few) helped evolve the modern arts aesthetic into prominence and widespread adaptations (such as textile printing). The primary design element used in our Happa print here is the paisley teardrop, rendered in an impressionistic style. Likewise are abstract tendrils, wild flowers and vinery. The secondary element is a watercolor effect background where diffused brushstrokes of color provide a dreamlike quality to the overall complexion of the fabric. This synergy of intriguing textile art and sublime coloration beautifully complements the sumptuous drape of our luxe Silk Crêpe de Chine.

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen.
FABRIC CONTENTS: 100% Silk 12MM Crêpe de Chine

Silk has been renowned for centuries as a valuable and luxurious commodity, often associated with wealth and status. The strongest of natural fibers, silk retains its shape, drapes well, caresses the figure, and because of its high absorbency, it is easily garment dyed in a variety of deep colors. This 100% Washable Silk Crêpe de Chine is woven to have a supple, organic feel, unlike many fabrics woven with synthetic fibers. With a 12 mommes weight factor, our Eco-friendly silk of choice is lightweight but is suitable for sewing into many body styles designed for women's silk clothing.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash warm with like colors, and with mild detergent (do not use bleach). Tumble dry low, or line dry. Warm iron (silk setting). Dry Clean OK.

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen.