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Tianello: natural women's clothing made from Tencel, Georgette, Bemberg, Cupro, Cottons, Bamboo and Silk
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Makena Georgette Mackenzie Blouse<br>All Sale Items are Final
Makena Georgette Mackenzie Blouse
All Sale Items are Final


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Elegant Georgette print tops add a veil of refinement to any thoughtfully planned wardrobe. Consider then, our woven Makena MacKenzie Blouse, which showcases comfort styling balanced with opulent fabric print artistry. Flattering to the body, we have crafted this top using natural fibered, eco-friendly Rayon Crpe Georgette, which is renowned for its luxurious drape, soft crinkled texture, and minimal care. An alluring “tribal motif” collage print adds vintage charm to this piece, offering a visual treat to both the wearer and admirer alike.

Our full fitting MacKenzie Blouse features a fashionable square neckline that flows into an off-centered button down front (also known as a “Chinese side front” closure). Luxurious draping sweeps down from the shoulders into a square bottom hem that falls to the thighs. The length sleeves are finished with wide band arm openings, and they are darted at the elbows. There is a generous buttoning pocket to the left side of the torso at the bottom hemline. All the buttons are decorative with gloss sheen, and rectangular in shape. There is also subtle single needle stitching throughout the blouse. Our versatile MacKenzie Blouse pairs well with pants, leggings, and designer jeans, making it a smart choice for travel, work or play.

This Tianello natural fibered Rayon Georgette garment was designed, developed and proudly Made In The USA with premium imported fabric.

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen.
  • Full fitting blouse body style with subtle stitching throughout
  • Square neckline flows into off-centered button down front
  • length sleeves with wide band hems and darted elbows
  • Square bottom hemline falls to the hips
  • Buttoning front pocket on left torso at hemline

Our colorful “Makena” fabric print draws inspiration from the vast array of African tribal textile patterns which are still currently being produced, recognizing that many have very archaic origins. Production of domestic tribal cloth is an ancient home-craft, and hand finished garments are considered an authentic traditional art form. Renditions of modern day tribal textiles commonly use blockprinting methods of production, and embroidery is widely used for aesthetic appeal. Our distinctive “Makena” collage print here includes style elements and patterns that have no particular symbolic meaning other than to simply look beautiful. The East African name “Makena” means “happiness” in Swahili, and “happy one” in Kikuyu, and our print evokes that sentiment in captivating visual artistry.

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen.
FABRIC CONTENTS: 100% Rayon Crpe Georgette

Rayon was the first manufactured textile fiber, invented in 1884 in France, but has been produced for global commercial use since 1905. Different from other man-made fibers, Rayon is not synthetic, being made from regenerated wood pulp, an Eco-natural, cellulose-rich raw material. Rayon is soft, strong and absorbent, which makes for an ideal garment in keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

Named after the early 20th century French “modiste”, Georgette de la Plante, crpe “Georgette” is tabby woven and is renowned for its’ distinctive crinkly, light texture because the yarns used in this fabric are hard-twisted, which causes them to crinkle as they relax, giving the fabric a springy quality that makes it seem to move on its’ own. Because of its’ high absorbency Georgette crpe can be easily garment dyed in a myriad of rich colors, or printed with a multi-hued pattern. Lightweight and supple in character, this 100% Rayon Georgette is soft but very durable, wears very well, provides an elegant flowing drape, and requires minimal care.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash cold with like colors, and with mild detergent (do not use bleach, and do not pour fabric softener directly on garment). Tumble dry low. Warm, steam iron. Dry Clean OK.

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen.