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Tianello: natural women's clothing made from Tencel, Georgette, Bemberg, Cupro, Cottons, Bamboo and Silk
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Mosaic French Knit Siri Tunic<br>All Sale Items are Final
Mosaic French Knit Siri Tunic
All Sale Items are Final


$136.00   now $69.00
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We have crafted our Mosaic Siri Tunic Top using a quality French Viscose Knit Jersey fabric chosen for wearing comfort and minimal care. Attention is drawn to the marvelously soft-textured “mosaic block” jacquard that serves as a design element as well as a visual statement. This blend of beautiful weaving artistry and functional appeal provides a fabulous fashion sensibility to enhance your personal style.

Our pullover Siri Tunic features a generous cowl neck. Rich draping flows downward from the shoulders to an arched hemline that falls to the hips. That bottom hem also has fashionable handkerchief points. Three-quarter length sleeves are finished with simple fold-over hems, and can be ”bunched” to the elbow for a more casual look. There is subtle stitching throughout this form-fitting silhouette. Garment dyed richness also adds distinctive character to this versatile piece that pairs well with knit pants, leggings and designer jeans, making it the perfect choice for travel, work, or play.

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen.
  • Pullover tunic top body style
  • Form fitting frame with subtle stitching throughout
  • Arched bottom hem with handkerchief points
  • Generous cowl neck
  • length sleeves

Our Mosaic jacquard weave showcases a fine example of tessellation, evoking the famous artwork of M.C. Escher which made use of tessellations for artistic effect. A “tessellation” is the tiling of geometric shapes with no overlaps and no gaps in repeating pattern, commonly used in mosaics and other forms of construction using tiles. Tessellations were used as far back as 4000 BC when the Sumerians formed patterns of clay tiles in their architecture, a technique that the Romans and Moors also adopted throughout Europe during their respective reigns. Our Mosaic textile pattern features the tessellated design of “blocks”, capturing the quirks of perception in which the blocks appear to ascend and descend in an infinite loop.

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen.
FABRIC CONTENTS: 98% Viscose / 2% Spandex

Viscose, or Viscose Rayon, was the first manufactured textile fiber, invented in 1884 in France, but has been produced for global commercial use since 1905. Different from other man-made fibers, Rayon is not synthetic, being made from regenerated wood pulp, an Eco-natural, cellulose-rich raw material. Rayon's properties are renowned for their similarity to organic fibers such as cotton and linen. Rayon is soft, strong and absorbent, which makes for an ideal garment in keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. This Rayon fabric is a marvelous combination of knit refinement and practicality, with a superb drape and silk-like aesthetic. The absorbency character of our Rayon also allows for quality garment dyeing, thus enriching our product with vibrant hues and deep colorations.

Industrial knitted fabrics afford form fitted styling since their elasticity permits them to follow the body’s curvature. Our knit jersey's have a soft-textured hand (providing long wearing comfort), are easy to care for, and are wonderfully wrinkle resistant.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash warm. Tumble dry warm. Warm iron (if needed).