Tianello Bar
Tianello Bar
Tianello: natural women's clothing made from Tencel, Georgette, Bemberg, Cupro, Cottons, Bamboo and Silk
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Seville Flower Buckle with Lattice Weave in Midnight Black
Seville Flower Buckle with Lattice Weave in Midnight Black

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Blending elegant hand craftsmanship with classic styling, our luxurious Seville Leather Belt was designed using Eco-friendly natural cattle hide, and is finished with a hand-cut, floral stencil tin buckle. This women's accessory item showcases an uncommon leather "tanning" process that creates beautiful finishes in gorgeous hues. This chic silhouette also draws attention to its' bold weaving that serves as a fashion element as well as a visual statement.

Our Seville Belt features a stylish wide belt band that is well recognized in women's fashion accessories. The band has a lattice weave that spans the entire length of the belt. The tongue is finished with a simple crescent edge. The hand cut tin buckle has a hand hammered surface with a floral stencil. There is repetitive coral design that is hand etched along the edge of the buckle. The underside hook is brass. A vegetable "tanned" finish adds distinctive character to this versatile accessory piece.

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen. This Seville Leather Belt is specially made for Tianello in Morocco.

  • Stylish wide band belt with crescent shaped tongue
  • Band has lattice weaving
  • Vegetable "tanned" finish
  • Hand-cut, hammered tin buckle finished with silver tone acid wash
  • Floral stencil buckle has hand etched coral design along edge

Our attractive Seville Belt features a textured surface effect that is achieved by a labor intensive artisan "tanning" process that renders the belt as an original one-of-a-kind item, where no two belts are physically alike except for conceptual design. The imperfections embodied in the belt are the result of that unique texturing process, and are part of the beauty afforded by this refined leather artistry, thanks to the heritage of expert craftsmen who use old traditional recipes to "cook" the cattle hide. The surface texture here maximizes the visceral character of the belt. The supporting hand craftsmanship used to construct the buckle also adds an "old world" quality to the overall complexion of this unique fashion piece.

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly due to your screen.
Materials Content: Cattle Leather, Tin and Brass

Leather has been renowned for centuries as a valuable commodity, often associated with practical articles of utility, ranging from military armor to home furnishings. Origins of leather clothing date back to prehistoric times suggesting that crude hides were used for protection against the elements. First forms of leather "belts" (as opposed to cloth, or rope, "sashes") date back to the Bronze Age, and have since evolved into fashionable accessory items for women.

Our Eco-friendly leather belting is first prepared from natural cattle hide, then vegetable "tanned" into a flexible, but stable material, then finally "crusted" for softness. Our leather here is further finished with a surface coating, providing a "glaze" quality that is both protective and visually appealing. The buckle is made from hand-cut tin, which was hand hammered, hand etched, then beautifully tarnished with an acid wash.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Avoid contact with water. Clean with a reputable leather cleaner and conditioner. Air-dry for a couple of hours before wearing again. Many dry cleaners offer professional assistance for stain problems on leather articles. Store your belt away from excessive heat, light and moisture.